December 30, 2010

one day left of 2010...

I'd like to thank my readers for supporting another year of my madly blogging about tea. And with one day left to the year, I've taken a moment to recall some of the things that happened this past year within this wonderful world of tea.

I've met some new tea friends, traveled to visit new cafes, started sharing virtual cups of tea with my Twitter peeps, added a Facebook account for Mad Pots of Tea!, threw a tea party at a local art shop, created more PersonaliTEAS this past year than any other year and finally started getting a few reviews, which delight me to no end that people find my teas as fun as I do!  If it wasn't for tea I would never have made it to Paris this year - which is by far my favorite memory of 2010.

This year also saw me launch my own massage business, which has left me less time to blog - but ideas are still brewing!  Indeed, I want to start a 2nd blog site, featuring my 2 favorite things, tea and music.

Going forward, I would like to spotlight more mad blends from other companies, as they have become wickedly popular.  In fact, my own madness seems dwarfed by some of the experimental blends that I have found. (If you have a tea you would like me to review, please send me an email).

All my best to you and may your days be steeped in love and infused with happiness.

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mathyld ▲under the pyramids▲ said...

Wow ! At least YOU had an amazing year !
mine was pretty horrible, but it was lovely to get to meet you <3

All the very best for the year to come !
x x x