July 14, 2010

Sipping Tea @ the Cathedral

One of my last nights in Paris, my friend and I went out at night, hoping to catch a glimpse of the City of Lights all lit up - and preferably from the top of the Eiffel Tower.  There is a reason this structure is so iconic - the strength that it exudes with its iron beams of symmetry and form, matched with an elegance that comes from its ascending curvature.  Alas, we did not get to the top of the Tower that night, as they close access after a certain time, and going up only half way was not the experience we were looking for. 

So what are two girls carrying a large thermos of tea to do but hop the Metro and continue exploring this beautiful city.  We ended up in front of Notre Dame, which I'd only seen in all its glory during the day. The gargoyles look as menacing at night as they do during the day (although my camera had its limits in showing this).  We sneaked behind the gate to get a closer look at the stone-faced creatures, feeling like renegades for trespassing.  We'd already been kicked out of Maison de The earlier in the week (for taking photographs). You've got to watch those crazy mad tea sippers!

That thermos of tea served us well.  We brought it with us to the canal and had a little picnic, we brought it with us at night and drank tea on the train, and in the park.  I felt as if it was the never-ending thermos, a magic thermos that never ran out. It was tea that had brought us together and had made us friends from different sides of the ocean.  And it is this love, of tea, of travel, and of friendship that continues to infuse my thoughts, my dreams and my memories of a life well-lived.


mathyld ▲ under the pyramids ▲ said...

Tea is magical, really !
And thermo bottles are the best ! They might be less sexy than teapots they are *so* helpful !

That day was a great one.
Sending kisses for Paris-by-Night,
x x x

Maria said...

Tea in Paris... I could just sigh... aaaaaaah.

Did you have a chance to visit the Palais des Th├ęs store? They are a personal favourite.

All the best.