January 05, 2011

Reflections 2011

I had hoped for a longer more detailed reflection of 2010, but time is what it is, and as the subtitle states, these are pretty random ramblings of a tea enthusiast.  In the past 2 years, blogging has increased across the board for every industry or topic.  There are more blogs than ever before, so if you're reading this one, I truly appreciate the time you're spending here, and hope that the content is something that makes you curious, that makes you smile and that makes you feel like like drinking more tea. 

The goal for 2011 is to bring even more people together, using tea as a catalyst, an excuse, a common bond, a creative reason.  For the first time ever, I threw an open house on a day I was blending teas and may do that more often. 

Watch also for the Traveling Tea Party. This will be a series of parties that simply an excuse to get people together socially...face-to-face.  I've been feeling too virtual.  Face time is becoming increasingly rare and as such, more important.

So whether you attend a party I'm throwing, someone else is throwing or if you decide to throw a party of your own -
let 2011 be The Year of the Tea Party.

Happy Sipping and Warm Thoughts!

Madam Potts

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