March 29, 2010

Spotlight Review: Lime in the Coconut

"You put the lime in the coconut and drink 'em both up..."

Tea: Lime in the Coconut
Company: California Tea House
Steep: 1 heaping tsp for 2-3minutes
Ingredients: Assam black & Chinese Green tea with Lime juice, coconut and sunflower petals
Aroma: smells like lime....and coconut!
Taste: Heavy on the lime

Review: According to their website, this blend was inspired by the Muppets - a sketch I remember well, as I own a fairly large box set of The Muppet Show. and so...I ordered this tea. I mean any company that willingly tells you that a Muppets sketch was the inspiration for a blend of tea is my kind of company!

The result however was rather disappointing. I can get over the fact that as with many blends, what you smell is not what you taste...the smell of coconut did not give the taste of coconut in this case. But I felt that there was nothing to this blend but lime. The mix of green and black tea did nothing to add dimension or complexity. I found it to be a rather flat tea - also a temperamental one at that. Warning: too big of a tsp or 30seconds of extra steep time made this a bitter brew.

But for your general amusement, take 2minutes of your day for this catchy little tune:

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