December 01, 2010

Who doesn't love Bacon (tea, that is....)

In the very beginning of the month, I featured a small yet unique trend in tea - that of "manly teas" and the marketing of tea to men , called "Real Men Drink Tea".  I love a catchy concept as much as the next person, and it was a lot of fun to write about.  In so doing, it led me to purchase some Bacon Tea from Man Teas - after all, bacon makes everything taste better, right? Seeing as I love crazy blends, this kind of tea madness has my name written all over it!

My favorite part about having this tea was asking my guy friends, "Hey, would you like to try this Bacon Tea I just got the other day?" and each one in their own flourished way exclaimed "But of course!!!!"  My favorite reaction was from my friend, Dave who rolled his eyes and said, "as if you need to ask...I's BACON!"

Smoky Bacon Tea

from Man Teas
Lapsang Souchong, Bacon Bits and Bacon Flavoring

The Quick Review: Yes, this smells like bacon.  However, and I'm not alone on this....the smokiness from the Lapsang overpowers the bacony taste that I was hoping for.  Now, as I LIKE Lapsang all is not lost.

Because then....

Then I tried some more manly accoutrement to accompany my Bacon Tea experiment and I found that a shot of Scotch or Brandy was indeed more hearty (though, I like them in any black tea).  And my favorite way to enjoy this tea was with a nice cigar.  Yes, few teas can stand up to the robust flavor of a finely rolled cigar, but I believe the Bacon Tea scores 2 extra points for being cigar-worthy.

I don't think it gets manlier than that....and I certainly had a fun time with this one. Perhaps I'll try their Beer Tea when it becomes available again!


amazonv said...

Have you gotten to try the chocolate bacon tea? I adore everything bacon, and tea, so it was a great find.

Madam Potts said...

no i haven't - from what company? and does the bacon come through any better? I will certainly give it a whirl

Alex Zorach said...

This is interesting; it makes sense that a smoky tea might go well with bacon, but bacon is too much of a savory ingredient, and I tend to not like savory teas. I think of tea as something that I like to complement food that has savory qualities.