June 09, 2010

Travels WITH her Tea Cup: The Prologue

I have often said it and it bears repeating, that I have met the most wonderful people simply because of tea.  I guess it’s why I keep following the signs that point down the rabbit hole, getting curiouser and curiouser – having no idea where it will lead me – in an ever-evolving journey without direction, full of whimsical surprises….

I never thought much about Paris.  Never had a burning desire to travel to France.  But then…I never expected to have a tea company either and we can see where that’s led!

It was only a year ago, that I started what I hoped would be a continuing series called, Travels From a Teacup – which was meant to detail some of the far off places and people that I have met based on a shared passion for tea!  I blogged about my tea-tastic friend in France – having no idea at the time I wrote it that I would indeed GO to France or that, beyond wishful thinking, that I would ever one day actually meet her.

I should have known better, especially having noticed a trend of actualization which seems to happen based on the things I write down. And as a blogger, I guess that leads me lots of places.  Writing has indeed created a wealth of opportunities.

So, considering this recent trend of manifestation, I guess I shouldn’t be all that surprised that suddenly I was in Paris.  Because it did seem sudden.  I was supposed to be on my way to Hawaii....and I ended up in France.  Traveling in, from and with my teacup!  The spontaneity of it all has made it seem all much more dream-like.  Indeed, that Madam Potts went to Paris feels as surreal as it sounds and I am still in a ethereal state of surprise and awe that I was actually in France only a few weeks ago....  This waking dream-state, and feeling like I still have one foot in Paris, feels even more juxtaposed with the summer-season-disco beat revving up here on the Jersey Shore.

but I digress...

I had set out to write about my travels to France.  Instead, I have finally written out that expansive awe that has captivated my heart and soul since I boarded the plane….and in so doing, I support my opening sentence -- that you meet the most fascinating people (and open yourself up to some wildly transformative experiences) all because of a small, hot beverage.

So stay tuned as I, between other such news, reports and reviews, unravel the curiouser journey of Madam Potts in Paris....


mathyld / under the pyramids said...

That was happy time indeed.
I am here, on my side of the pond, sipping Pharao's tea under the pyramids, thinking of you.
I'll never eat radishes with bread & butter without thinking of you :)

I send you hugs & kisses,
teacups & lillies !
x x x

Marlena said...

Welcome, welcome back - I am eager to hear of your travels and so glad it was so awe-inspiring. We so need to have a sense of awe and wonder, things that take us out of ourselves.