November 02, 2009

I Love Lavender!

It grew slowly.

My love... of Lavender.

I cannot say with great authority who or what influenced or introduced me to the intoxicating floral scent, but indeed I have become quite find of its pleasant, clean aroma.

Be it powder, body wash, lotion, tea, satchets, incense or essential oil (in all its many applications), Madam Potts is simply Mad about Lavender!

So it only increased my heart's flutter to have received a lovely package from my "Tea Ami" from Paris, France...featuring none other than Lavender.

Was it the tea cup shaped, hand-sewed satchet, stuffed with Lavender as grown (as the note explained) from a garden in Provence.....or perhaps (what I detect as being:) the Earl Grey with Jasmine Flower & Lavender tea blend, "Espirit du Bouddha"...or the card depicting tea pouring in a lavender themed tea cup....

If I was not already planning to go to Hawaii in March, I would be headed to France. Delayed perhaps, but this trip will happen. And I shall frolic in the fields of French Lavender.

....merci pour l'inspiration!


Mathyld / encore petite said...

Oh ! Nicole !

How come I didn't see this post ?
I'm so so glad that you loved everything !
I knew that you liked lavender since I already had the chance to taste one of your blends featuring some. But this was fate ! I am super happy to have well chosen :)

The "Esprit du Bouddha" tea is supposed to be lavender, jasmine and vanilla.

One of my sweetest friends who live in Jersey tried your "ForĂȘt Curieux" mix whn she came for tea and is now hooked ! You might even hear from her ... Who knows ?

x x x

Sue McGettigan said...

mmmm, that does sound good! I'm also a lavender fan, and have grown to love herbs de provence because of the touch of lavender, so this tea sounds appealing.

Madam Potts said...

Sue -- i wish i knew how to tell you to buy this tea...I will have to find out, as well I want more of it too! thanks for posting your comment!
-- Madam Potts