March 19, 2009

Travels From a Cup: France

Being one who likes to travel, it makes me very excited to have the chance to travel from my tea cup -- that is to exchange, in notes and in tea, with people in other countries. The CommuniTEA, which I talk about often, is a global set -- and it will be my true honor should I ever meet them face to tea has a way of getting people to meet, to sit and to talk, even if only ever for one momentous afternoon.

If you ever get the opportunity to go to France, I will go and visit Miss Maple's Tea Room. I get the feeling that the whimsical, modern edge falls in line with my own tea style. They offer 70 teas, so there is bound to be something that I like...

Indeed, I got to sample their "Montagne Verte" blend, which in my basic French 101 means Green Mountain. This was as captivating a tea as ever was. The aroma, the taste....of green tea and strawberries! I can't tell you what all was in it (as it was not on the label), but I loved their tea!

I am not sure how to get more of their tea, as there is only the myspace link that I have, but no website for Miss Maples Tea Room that I can find so as to buy more...I have told my friend heading back to France to stop by and visit the tea's hoping she does (and brings me back a fabulous blend of tea!)


whichendisup said...

that tea looks beautiful, what amazing colors. That's one of my favorite things about tea!

Mathyld / encore petite said...

Hey, sweetie !!!
I haven't been visiting my favourites blogs / sites for a while so I've missed this post !!!
The sweetest ever !

I can send you some more :) Maybe we could do a private swap ;)
I think Miss Maple might go online, sometime this year ...
But she's already got so much to deal with ...

If your friend goes to MM's tell her to tell my mum she comes from your part !!! How exciting :)

And maybe after all you'll get to visit sometime soon, too !

x x x

Mathyld / encore petite said...

PS : And it's green tea (sencha) with strawberry & rhubarb natural flavours !

Katrina said...

Hi Madam Potts:

This travel post seems a great place to mention a project I'm working on. I have recently released a Call for Essays for personal stories that involve tea. We will be selecting the best of these essays for inclusion in a tea-themed anthology.

The deadline is June 30, 2009 and the full Call for Essays, guidelines, etc. are at:

I can't wait to read the stories you and your readers have to share.