June 02, 2010

Tea + Happiness = Good Health

Yup, that’s it.... I guess scientists and researchers have found out what many of you reading this have already found to be true.

The formula for good health boils down to tea. Well…tea and happiness – but seeing how tea makes people happy, it's an easy equation to master.

Whether sipped alone in private and perhaps sacred or reflective moments of quietude or shared socially with a friend or group of friends complete with lots of conversation - drinking tea tends to make people happier.
How could it not? While many people wait until they are sick before reaching for a trusty box of tea, drinking Tea makes you feel good all the time. I’ve often said that “tea is a massage for your insides”. It soothes your throat. It eases headaches. It soothes tired bodies and aching muscles. With its warmth, tea loosens up your joints and gets you going. Yet, at the same time, tea calms you down, settles your mind, and softens your nerves. It is in this capability that clarity, inner peace and the expansion of happiness infuses into the heart of the attentive sipper.
So there you have it – tea is liquid massage.
And who doesn’t feel better (and happier) after getting a massage?

Drink your way to a happier health!

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mathyld / under the pyramids said...

Tea always makes me feel better ...
As does seeing one of my humble cucumber-sandwiches in your blog ^___^
x x x