April 24, 2010

Off to France

Oui! Oui! I'm off to Paris to visit my "Tea amie"

Sometimes trading tea leads to more than swapping leaves. It was my good fortune to become acquainted with my friend Mathyld over a year ago during a Tea Swap that I hosted on this blog.

Awhile ago, I had written about Traveling from My Teacup...at the time never thinking that because of my teacup I would end up actually visiting France. I am not sure if I will get all the way to Provence to visit Miss Maple's Tea Room. Hopefully I do get the chance to roll around a field of French Lavender!

So, dear readers, you may not hear much from me in the next 2 weeks...but when I do return, I will have some wonderful pictures, some fun stories and a treasure trove of incredible memories.

Perhaps I'll catch up on some reading, stroll the gardens at Versailles and take in some art!

I definitely plan to throw some tea parties while I am there. I have been having wild imaginings of hosting a Floating Tea Party -- a party that moves in different ways around the world, bringing people together and serving Mad Pots of Tea! (of course)

Madam Potts Serves Tea Around the World

....First stop: Paris, France

Au Revoir!


lahikmajoe said...

Promise us you'll go visit Mariage Freres in the Marais (a great neighbouhood in the centre of the city). It's both a tea salon AND a museum.

Hope you can find it.

Have other tips for the best tea salons if you like.

Bon voyage.

Rebecca said...

So exciting! Can't wait to hear all about your tea-ventures in Paris! Have an amazing time. Bon Voyage!!!
- Rebecca

Mathyld / under the pyramids said...

Yay ! It *does* feel surreal !
There will be Tea Parties indeed !!!
I'm off to put the kettle on :)
x x x

Marlena said...

Oh, wonderful, have a super time and do go to mariage freres and hediard and any of the other French tea places you can cram in.