September 12, 2007

My Passion is....

So in one of our classes in school, each of us have to present a "Passion Project".

What is a Passion Project? (you ask)

It's the chance to share with the class anything (and I mean ANYthing) that moves and grooves you. Some people have shared their artistic pursuits of photography, or singing a song on the guitar, or talked about a trip or shared a mythological story. One girl who loved houseplants brought in a plant for each of us (I am not a proud geranium owner!)....

so...naturally...when it was my turn, I shared my passion for TEA!

I confessed to the class, who have known me all of 2 months, that I have an alias...Madam Potts...(that got a some giggles of glee and surprise) and that I make customized blends of tea for people. I shared how I got into tea, and how I go about creating a personal blend for someone, and took questions... I then brought in my Red Hot Chili Tea blend and brewed a pot for the class -- which received much praise from my classmates ;)

I have had lots of questions and interest about herbs and teas since then...I am now officially the Tea Maven and Aspiring Student Herbalist of Finger Lakes School of Massage.

I honestly haven't had the chance to blend for the sake of blending....but I always honor all personal requests and orders for tea. If anything, a custom order is probably just what I need to get me back into the Mad Lab....until then, I'm just drinking it all to myself.

so there.

Live your Life....Drink it in....and may it always be sweetened by passion.

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