October 10, 2006

New Blend: Red Hot Chili Tea

Having gotten the inspiring request from a fellow message board tea-chatter, I am currently in the works of perfecting a new Chili Tea. Think of it as Mexian-Chai and you pretty much have it.
The spicy, tongue-teasing tastes of the chili powder, cloves, black pepper, chocolate (!) and licorice, peppermint, speramint, nettle and a few other fun things like that.. make this a tea mucho caliente! Actually, it's an herbal infusion as it contains no tea, but whateves....

I have tried adding Ceylon tea, which was boring and just plain wrong and I tried adding Assam tea, but found the tea dominated the finer complexities of this blend that is good enough to eat!
Here's a close-up of this scrumptious blend!

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