October 22, 2007

A Day Off....

I took the day off from school! feeling sick (cough, cough)...no REALLY - it's true!

I've enjoyed the better part of my day steeping herbs, eating chicken soup and cruising the Internet -- all things I have relatively little time to do with only 8 weeks left in the program.

As such I thought I might check in with my tea-lovers --

As it has gotten colder it's been ideal for teas and herbs. I finally had some time to blend a batch of chai the other day....and I created a new herbal blend for a friend's birthday. As I am away for school, I miss the ability to have tea with my best friend - so I thought the least I could do is to send the tea to her. If she likes it, then I'll be sure to revamp this post with more details about the blend.

To prove to you that I really did play hooky and surf the Net, I leave you with this video about Flowering Teas. Now, there are a LOT of videos of flowering teas opening up, and I can assure you that having watched no doubt most of them, that this is by far the best one out there.

So, without further ado, I present for your entertainment pleasure...

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O said...

Hope you are feeling better now;)