September 04, 2007

What Stopped the Pott?

Last I left you all, I had just gotten through the laborious process of moving to a new city, with a meager portion of my wordly possessions... Much has happened since then and without daily access to the Internet, you can only imagine the difficulties of maintaining an online existence.

I have started an intensive training program, studying massage therapy. This new direction will lend itself more fully to more independent and holistic pursuits -- which will include the inclusion of a tea business.

I have a lot more to write, but time is precious today (as it always is when checking in so infrequently)...I hope to check in more often.

Just know that thePott is very much alive and well and spreading the Gospel of the Infused Leaf to people everywhere.


Mary R said...

Spread that Gospel word, Sistah!

Glad to see you're still on this side of the daisies. :) Study hard!

Autumn said...

How wonderful for you!

I went to massage school as a business decision - so I could keep making tea.

Hope it works out for you as well as it has for me. I LOVE doing massage, it's as much a passion for me now as making tea.

Congrats and good luck!