January 19, 2012

That's Some Bloody Good Tea!

As many of my readers know, I love blending tea for musicians and bands because the added inspiration that comes along with the music adds a level to the blending process.  I also love that when the final product has been created that you can Hear AND Taste the music.

Upon opening the form that The Bloody Jug Band emailed me, the first thing I noticed was that all of their answers were in a Red Font and naturally wanted a red-hued tea.  These guys were serious about their branding.  And they were seriously into creating something you've never had before. Other stand-out answers included that they wanted a "Florida Swamp Noir" feel to their blend...and the pleasant request that their tea be "bad ass".

They sent me a CD, which helped me understand what they meant by "bad ass" and "swamp noir". Who would have thought that songs about robbing graves, the walking dead, death and disease could be so catchy?  I get a thrill out of cruising around town listening to their EP "First Drops".

(EDITOR's NOTE: this EP is the most outrageously fun $5 you're going to spend all month)

We ended up making not one tea....not two teas....but three Bloody Jug Band "Jambor-Teas" - because you simply can't cram all this bad ass inspiration and enthusiasm into one blend. It goes to show, the more personality you let shine through on your form, the more inspired your tea becomes.

The 3 Jambor-Teas are:
The Bloody JamborTea - this spicy herbal blend brews up bloody red. Designed to get you going, wake you up, get the blood flowing with the use of spices.  Caffeine-free.  This tea is Hot Blooded!!!

BBQ JamborTea -  It's a BBQ you can drink. With 13 ingredients in this hickory smoked concoction, this tea is good enough to eat!  (it also doubles as a spice rub, so technically I guess you can)

Swamp JamborTea - yes, I said swamp. And sure enough this green tea, roots & valerian mix is every bit as earthy in taste and smell like a Florida Swamp at Midnight.  If you like earthy teas, then you'll be curious to try this one.

What more can I say?...

It's been a hell of a lot of fun for me as a blender to create a color, a food experience and a topographical location.  You never know what sources of inspiration will come your way.

Because these 3 Teas, dare I call them "bad ass blends", are ONLY available on the Bloody Jug Band website, you'll have to order them there.  And while you're at it, pick up a copy of their first EP and give yourself a true multifaceted experience.

Taste & Hear the music.

Music needs a Party...Why not make it a Tea Party?

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