May 28, 2012

Tea Review: Coconut Creme Tea

Coconut Creme Tea from Persimmon Tree
I have a passion for anything tropical, from palm trees to ukulele music.  It's a well-known fact that Madam Potts lives on a tropical island in her own mind.  So when I was asked to review this tea, I queued up the Arthur Lyman CDs.

Tea Company: Persimmon Tree Tea

In Review:  Coconut Creme Tea

Dry Review:  White Peony leaves, accented Blue Cornflowers, Red Safflower and white bits of shaved coconut

Steeped Review:
HOT:  This subtle white tea is infused with a coconut essence, that makes for a simple pleasurable delight.  The enjoyment is in its simplicity.

ICED:  I think I like this even better when iced.  The natural sweetness of the coconut makes for a refreshingly cooling drink!

Personal Thoughts:  It's overly simple - the blank canvas of a light white tea whereupon a splash of coconut has been added.  The main thing I question is the use of flavorings which are not accounted on the website as being either natural or artificial.  In every "herbal" infusion of theirs, they allude to a flavoring, which for me means that something is added and/or covering up in the name of low-quality and instant flavor association. I realize that this is a popular practice these days - but not one I personally enjoy.

NOTE: There are people with allergies to "artificial" and  even to "natural" flavorings, so this is something to be upfront about.

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