January 15, 2012

Haiku Tea Ware: Best Gift Ever

Over 3 years ago I stumbled across a unique tea ware idea in the form of Haiku Tea Cups.  I immediately blogged about it because I wanted one so bad (and I’m still hoping she will expand to tea pots!) Each cup comes with a haiku which you can write yourself or have her write for you.  In the spirit of haiku, which prides itself on simplicity, Teaspoons & Petals’ creations are not over done – white cups, black lettering – artistically hand-painted.   It’s not every day you find something that is both functional and poetic. 

What I love about a finely written haiku is how much can be said with so few words. 

Words often fail us. Sometimes, words feel too small to convey the love and respect that you may have for another person or situation.  Right when you want to say everything, you find yourself speechless. 

So when it came time to honor a friend of mine, who had accomplished so much, and who has meant the world to me, the haiku helped me form the sentiments I wanted to convey and Teaspoons’ Haiku Tea Ware helped me deliver that message. 

Friendship, like tea, is enjoyed in many sips.

My cup runneth over.

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seule771 said...

Your site is lovely. I am always pleasantly taken at another blogger and what they choose to do with their reporting and shared view.I am tee bit envious. Thank you for sharing.