June 26, 2009

Wanted Madly: Tea Cup Haiku

I have a small living space. Limited space is a tea lovers anathema. So many cute things to buy. Tea pots, Tea cups, Tea-inspired goods....not to mention Teas (of course) tea tins, tea art, tea spoons, tea cookies...

To say that I must be selective is an understatement.
But this is a Must Have for theMadam....

meet Alexis of 'Teaspoons and Petals"

This creative writer and tea enthusiast has blended her passions -- and in so doing has created a unique tea Cup with haiku set...which the Madam simply MUST HAVE!

it reads...
find the perfect blend be patient
and watch it bloom
love is just like tea

find her on twitter @ teaandpetals


Karen said...

Is that a hint for your upcoming birthday? :)

Jason Witt said...

I follow her on Twitter and I think her haiku teaware is some of the best I've seen. I'd like to know of more varieties of hers like different kinds of cups and maybe teapots too.