February 08, 2011

The Romance of Jasmine Tea

There is a lot to be said for Valentine’s Day - a day that the collective conscious of the world will focus on love.  All this talk about love is fine, but what’s love without a little romance?  Can you be romanced by a cup of tea?  Oh, I think you can and I don’t doubt that you have already been romanced.

Tea will snuggle and cuddle your insides with its warmth and love - just like a good Valentine should! The senses are heightened and if we have chosen well then we fall madly in love with the tea and the steamy romance begins.

Not all teas have the same sensual elements.  So my #1 choice for a romantic cup of tea is Jasmine Tea.  Everything about Jasmine tea can be seen with the rosy-glasses of romance.  From the way it is created to the final moment of taste sensation, jasmine tea speaks the language of love.

Consider that the initial tea season comes in the Spring – a time that the world breaks forth with new life, a time marked by the blossoming of new love and flowers.  It is in the first few weeks of the first flush that the buds and leaves must be plucked and the fresh blossoms of the jasmine flower chosen and then are layered within the tea leaves.  Then the two leaves are curled up together in a tight union. Upon completion the two are now one and the scent of the jasmine have infused the tea. The soft flowery fragrance of the jasmine tea is the very essence of romance.  And the taste of a quality jasmine tea is nothing short of divine.

If you want to show your love this Valentines’ Day, don’t just say it with flowers – say it with flowers and pearls, by sharing the gift of pearled jasmine tea!

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