January 25, 2011

Product Review: It’s Moringa

It’s Moringa is an nutritional supplement made from the pulverized leaf of the Moringa Tree.  Had I not been given this sample to test out, I probably would never have heard of this product, which in my Internet research is being touted as the super hero of the health world. This nutritionally-packed product hails from Africa and is slated to have (per tablespoon) 46 antioxidants, protein, iron, calcium, amino acids, plus a wealth of essential vitamins and minerals. Lose Weight, Feel Great!  It’s Vegan & Gluten-Free!

It’s Moringa is not the only company starting to market this product – so chances are we will be hearing more about the Moringa plant in the near future.  Perhaps I am ahead of the curve then on knowing about this and you can say that you read it here first.

Review:  Despite the fact that they are calling their product the It’s Moringa Superfood Tea, it is not a tea.  It is an herbal product, but has no camellia sinensis.  Much like Matcha, this product is a powder.  The powder is so fine that it diffuses right through the teabag that they sell it in.  Should you choose to buy any Moringa, I suggest purchasing the canister, as it clearly doesn’t work cleanly in teabag form. 

For lack of better description, the taste of Moringa is extremely green and leaf-like.  It tastes similar to Nettles. Again, as a “tea” (or infusion) it’s not my favorite taste but this product is versatile.  Their website suggests using it in soups and stews and shakes, so I tried it out as part of my morning breakfast shake. I added a tablespoon of Moringa to my usual recipe of soy milk, bananas and wheatgerm.  It was a fast and easy way to boost the nutritional content of shake.  I am considering buying a canister, because I’ve been looking for a whole foods supplement and I hate taking pills. Or maybe their cookies!

About the Company:  With 2/3rds of the world suffering from either undernourishment or malnutrition, It’s Moringa has partnered up with Vitamin Angels and Nourish America to help end this crisis.  A portion of each product goes to these organizations, so you don’t just nourish yourself, but you help to nourish others at the same time.


Alex Zorach said...

This is interesting. I think it's probably a little outside the bounds of what I'd consider an herbal tea, but it certainly is interesting.

Wikipedia has a surprisingly extensive and well-referenced page on the Moringa oleifera tree too.

closed end mutual funds said...

Why is it that most things that are super healthy don't taste the best! Maybe it is better, given the taste, that it is not a "tea" and that it is somewhat versatile, allowing it to be mixed in with other things. I will give it a try based on the amount of antioxidants in it, though.

moringa said...

Well, moringa plant is very nutritious, and taken in food and alos used for medicinal uses. It is the best source of different things like vitamins and minerals which is more essential to a body.

Moringa Reviews said...

Thanks for educating people about Moringa, its nutritional properties, and the work of It’s Moringa.

Anonymous said...

I don't think this is a good product. I've been having diarrhea since day three when I started raking the pills... Can't eat or drink anything but Lipton soupies, crackers and gatorade. The cramps are the worst part of these reactions that I've been experiencing. I went to the U.C. And Dr said that my stomach was imflamated and to take Tylenol for the pain. Seriously the Tylenol won't do anything for the cramps, so good luck to all and always be careful with these new products.

Anonymous said...

Moringa is very populart and extremely cheap here in Nigeria,its natively known as zogale...it is used in vegetable soups,yam sauce,stews etc...it is a wonderful herb. Its nutritional may have not been known till now but we know there is an 'unconcious' reason why we love our zogale.