February 14, 2011

Love, Love, Love, Love, Tea.

I've been writing, dear reader....I've been writing...just not always here.  But if you love tea, which you must or else you wouldn't be reading this tea blog, then allow me to direct you to some of my other writings - recently all having to do with love and tea.

Falling in Love....with Tea  

Steeped in Love!

7 Ways Tea Increases Love

Tea is love and like any passion it is best when shared!

Madam Potts

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Lelia said...

Hi, Mad Pots

I am starting to get excited about the wedding (you know England-Tea-Royals :)Anyway, I put a Paul McCartney video about English tea on my blog and hope your fans might like it. I'm going to do all things English this month to get in the mood. I gave up on Spring weather and will just kick back with a 'cuppa' until May (or June?)