October 24, 2010

Review: Anne's Creative Cup

Making tea for a custom tea blender is no doubt one of the most challenging blends I've had to make...ever.  So when I first got the chance to make a PersonaliTEA blend for LiberTEAS, I was honored to say the least. 

Admittedly, LiberTEAS had sooooo much information that ideas for her blend jumped off the page.  Seriously, my kettle started brewing and herbs and teas started magically brewing themselves, and all I did was follow the inspiration given me.

Words of jasmine, chocolate, and lavender created such wonderfully aromatic themes to play with!

I am waiting until the end of the year to make product changes to my website.  I will pick the top 2 or 3 blends, which may not be easy to do.  As always, anyone can email me a requested order or sample of any of my blends should they be so curious. 

I wasn't aware until tonight that she had posted a review on Steepster, as I spend less and less time on line these days...so while this may be old news for some, it excited me to see that my tea was indeed reviewed and duly talked about. 

So thank you for reviewing Anne's Creative Cup!

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