October 11, 2010

Review: Orange Avenue Tea

I'm always excited when a tea blend comes together - especially when one is designed for a hard-working rock band, like Orange Avenue, out of Central Florida.

The good folks at The Tea Review Blog gave both the blend and the band a solid Thumbs UP review.

They were even awesome enough to download and post Orange Avenue' new video: Just Refrain

From the Tea Review Blog:
I happen to love Mad Pots of Tea.  Madam Potts, purveyor of tea and tea blender extraordinaire has created yet another delicious custom blend of tea for the band Orange Avenue, which brings a citrus treat to her current custom blends lineup. 

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Orange Avenue was a 2009 Qs House Artist of the Year Winner.  Qs House is a weekly Internet Radio Show dedicated bringing musicians and their fans together and celebrating the rock-n-roll lifestyle, humor and sensibilities.  Listen every week or subscribe to the podcast.

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