January 20, 2010

New Blend: Anyone's Tea

Musicians and singers rely on drinking (mad pots of) tea in order to maintain and soothe their voices - so when I get the chance to design a tea for a music artist, I get particularly excited. The inspiration comes not only from what they write on their form, but also from their art.

This next blend is truly unique brew inspired by an alternative rock band out of Orlando, Florida called Anyone's Guess. I heard them on the Qs House Radio Show (listen live every Tuesday night or podcast here) and should they ever make it up to the Northeast I look forward to rockin' out with them in person.

This blend struck me as especially mad and eccentric and unlike any blend I had made prior. It is sweet & warming with a soft finish and altogether surprisingly good. The base of this tea a licorice root - which is a sweet flavored root which is known to be medicinally beneficial for the throat. Add a touch of orange peel, cardamom, fennel and lavender and you have Anyone's Tea.

Maybe it was the mix of the band itself -- 4 members from different genres having some together in 2006 to form an alternative rock band with a strong female vocal lead. That's right -- Listen up because Sanja kicks ass!

The band has already had requests from their loyal fans about purchasing the tea, which at this time is not up on the website. So until the time that I can get that updated...

Get your own stash of ANYONE's TEA

My favorite quote, taken from their website:
Anyone's Guess is a female fronted, musical love child of Alanis Morissette, The Cranberries, 30 Seconds to Mars and The Police.

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