January 19, 2010

HumaniTEA. CommuniTEA. Show you Care.

Note from Madam Potts: I am a big proponent of building CommuniTEA. And in this global society, communitea has very long arms. Not all of us can jump a plane down to Haiti to help with the devastation. I am reposting this generous offer to double your donation made by Teavana Tea Company.

[Reposted from Heaven of Tea]

Haiti needs your help. The devastating earthquake has caused catastrophic problems, especially in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. It was the worst earthquake in 200 years and the country is struggling to cope with it. Teavana has partnered with CARE to help with disaster relief for the survivors.
Give here.

Every donation up to $20,000 will be doubled by Teavana and rushed by CARE into Haiti to help. This help is vital to rescuing those trapped in the rubble as well as helping the survivors to rebuild their lives.

“It is just morning here now,” describes CARE’s Country Director in Haiti Sophie Perez on January 13, less than a day after the quake. “I can hear helicopters working on the search and rescue. The immediate need is to rescue people trapped in the rubble, then to get people food and water. We’re particularly worried about the children, because so many schools seem to have collapsed. Children were still in school in the afternoon when the earthquake hit, so there are many children trapped. It’s horrifying.”

Can you help? Even the smallest gift is doubled and will help save lives. Help Haiti here.

Donations made through the Teavana/CARE help Haiti page before March 1, 2010 will be double up to $20,000.

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