January 15, 2010

Do you Steepster?

Just when you think you couldn't possibly spend any more time sharing your thoughts, your pictures, your videos, your ideas, your tweets, your never ending stream of status updates -- along comes ah yet another social networking site -- but this one is for the Tea Lovers!

Have you checked out Steepster?
Steepster is a community of avid tea drinkers who share what teas they own and which teas they've tried. If you love tea then chances are you may already be on this site, which is a blend of Twitter + LinkedIn + FaceBook. It's an online taster's journal.

If you spend any amount of time reading through the reviews, it beautifully illustrates the idea that taste is subjective and it's only through your own experience that you can determine which would be "your cup of tea". One person's criticism can easily be another person's praise. All in all you can sometimes gauge a consensus and learn more about a tea that you might then consider purchasing.

If you haven't checked it out, it's certainly a fun site to know. I recently posted a Tasting Note for Climber's High tea from The Tea Spot.

I was surprised to find that someone had indeed posted 3 reviews of one of my own Signature blends: Silent Night. I wasn't expecting to see Mad Pots of Tea! listed under the Tea Companies. Any additional reviews of my teas would be greatly appreciated if you are reading this and have tried any of my teas.....(thank you in advance, and please send me a link if you post a review).

I'm just excited knowing that tea geeks have created their very own place to socialize!

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whichendisup said...

ask and yee shall receive...

Madam Potts said...

Thank you so much for your review -- it warms my pot that that you love your PersonaliTEA!

Andrew Thomson said...

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