July 14, 2009

Spotlight: Kalahari Tea Company

The never ending possibilities of tea blends and tea companies never fail to excite me.

Having sampled a variety of blends, it is my distinct pleasure to tell you all about the Kalahari Tea Company. This company certainly has some unique flavors -- and if nothing else, above all, I prize that which is different and unique.

In keeping with the African mystic and name, a majority of their products feature rooibos or honeybush -- both which are grown in Africa. And their website explains that they strive to give back to organizations that support the land and peoples of Africa. (Kudos for giving back!)

What intrigued me was the ChocoLatte line of dessert teas, all of which are made with Dark Roasted Cacao. I tried the Cherry Vanilla and the Match Mint with my friends. All of us agreed it was sweetly satisfying after a meal. The flavors were proportioned nicely so that you never felt overwhelmed. Sometimes flavored tea tastes fake but it seems that their use of flavorings is kept to a minimum within the blends. The tea blend really came together nicely. Sipping the ChocoLattes became a conversation piece within itself (and less fat than having a "real dessert"). My only regret is that the Kalahari people have yet to offer a dessert sampler box (hint, hint).

At only $4.99 for a box of 16 teabags it certainly is a great deal. However, I have not found any stores that carry Kalahari Teas -- but I will keep an eye out. I may have to order some online for my father who tried the teas and liked them very much (and he is not an avid tea drinker).

Good Job Kalahari for your innovative blends!

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