July 08, 2009

New Blend: Sassy Island Mint

Its not evey day you get to name a tea "SASSY",
but when the Tea fits, drink it! ... and sure enough, this fits to a Tea!

When asked on the PersonaliTEA form to list 3 words to describe her, Sassy seemed to leap out from the page...and so...along with some other choices and words listed, lo and behold it became known as Sassy Island Mint.

Resplendent of a refreshingly cool tropical wind, soft, cooling and minty with an exotic aroma (which to many of my friends smelled like Andes Mints). This marks my first use of an all-natural flavoring, which gives it that warm and spicy vanilla essence (mistaken often for a chocolate essence). I was given some high-powered product from my friend, who is a commercial baker and told me to have fun experimenting with it!

This white tea based blend is a unique mix of a warm tropical vanilla with a cool lavender and mint undertone. It has quickly become a new favorite blend of mine. I will have to get this up on the site for purchase...but in the meantime, please enjoy the photo.

(and if interested in trying it for youself, just email me!)

1 comment:

Mathyld / encore petite said...

Nicole !
I adored this blend, I am blogging it right now :)
Thanks again !
x x x