July 19, 2009

...I even bathe in the stuff!

I eat tea, I drink tea....I even bathe in the stuff!

I was recently gifted some Tub Tea -- which essentially is a large tea bag specifically meant to be infused in the bath tub. The idea is cute, although execution is weak, as I could have used 3-4 teabags to really get a worth "tea" going in the bath. I didn't expect to feel like I was in a teapot but really, the little bags, regardless of how "large" they are pale in comparison to the amount of water needed to actually fill the tub.

I then googled Tub Tea and found over 2,000,000 results. Apparently the idea of soaking in a tub of tea (often with salts and aromatherapy mixed in) has a lot of people out to soak you. (bad pun, I'm sorry....I couldn't resist).

It made me wonder if I couldn't just dump a whole box of Tension Tamer (or insert tea of choice here) into my bath and steep myself into a state of relaxation. At least it's a low cost option (and fun way to get rid of old tea bags that you know you've kept over a year or two!!

Whatever your pleasure and no matter how you take your tea, be it in a tub or in a cup, this is Madam Potts wishing you all a goodnight and reminding you all to take some time to relax.


Anonymous said...

I think it's a luxurious idea to soak in a Tea Tub but I couldn't justify paying the cost. What I do is spritz strongly-brewed Green Tea on my body after I get out of the shower and dry off. Then it's not diluted by any water and can keep my skin young and healthy. I'd recommend the spritzing for cost-effectiveness. --Jason

Madam Potts said...

ooh -- now there's an idea -- I will simply have to try the green tea spritz! Thanks for the suggestion, Jason!

Mathyld / encore petite said...

Sometimes, people offer me some teabags that I know I will NEVER drink.
These are the ones I sometimes use in my bath :)
But the green-tea spritzing sounds wonderful ! Especially some cold one, in summer !

x x x