August 18, 2009


Madam Potts is on vacation.
Please stop by in September when I will continue blogging.
Upcoming blog posts include: latest fun finds and newest tea-licious additions to my ever-growing "Wish List",Spotlights on some very artistic souls who happen to be MAD about TEA!,
a show-n-tell of a recently purchased antique,
numerous new PersonaliTEAa blends,
and more episodes of the Traveling in a TeaCup series.

Enjoy the rest of your summer!

*Photo Credit: Thank you YogaWitch!


Anonymous said...

Hi Madame Potts,

You have a lovely blog and website. I especially like your graphics.

As for my picture, yes, you may use it, but please fix the link. I clicked on it, and it says "Error, page not found." The link to my blog is:

Thank you!

Madam Potts said...

ooops!...must be in vacation mode -- consider the link fixed!

Rooibos said...

That pot of ice cold teas looks so good. Unfortunately its cold and winter in South Africa at the mo. Im craving summer and that ice cold pot of iced tea!

Mathyld / encore petite said...

I hope you're having a nice time on holidays !
I'm leaving tomorrow to visit you-know-what ...
My mum's Tearoom, indeed !
I'll be sure to sip nice cups of tea & glasses of iced-tea all day long, thinking of you :)

x x x