May 19, 2009

Travels from a Cup: South Carolina

This past weekend the Charleston Tea Plantation, which boasts itself as "America's Only Tea Garden", hosted the 3rd Annual First Flush Festival! So naturally, yours truly jumped in a car with her two partners in crime (if tea and knitting be crime-worthy) and headed 13 hours south to the "Holy City" of South Carolina.

We were not sure what to expect as there is little infomation or press about this Tea Festival, which surprised me seeing as the plantation is owned by the Bigelow Tea Company. And next year we shall be a touch more prepared for this rather non-pretentious, laid-back, iced-tea sippin' & music fest.

The coolest part was walking through the factory where the tea is processed and hearing about the withering, drying and roasting processes. That and the endless supply of complimentary iced tea, stationed in various parts of the plantation grounds. It was in the 80's, with no shade, so that iced tea, made from the tea grown right there, was much appreciated.

There were vendors selling food, vendors selling beautiful, artistic gifts, and a large area for the kids to bounce around. The majority of the crowd set up their chairs and coolers and took in the line up of musical acts, which was headlined by Shawn Mullins. The music was along the folksy-guitar, singer-songwriter genre - just perfect for a relaxing afternoon spent outdoors, sipping tea with friends....

I of course took this opportunity to romp madly through the tea (as only could be expected), figuring I wouldn't get the chance to do so unless I visited China or India. And so I respectfully frolicked in the fields...

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Karen said...

Tea and knitting are only crime-worthy if you're stabbing someone with your needles to take their tea. :)