May 10, 2009

New Blend: Vintage VarieTEA & Tea Party recap

I got the opportunity to design a blend of tea on a place of business, which I have always wanted to do. It is similar to designing a blend on a person (especially when the business in question has a lot of character) but it is more challenging and requires more intuition. The usual method of simply using the PersonaliTEA Form does not really apply.

However, my latest blend, Vintage VarieTEA was created for the host of the Mad, Mad Tea Party -- a unique shop called Vintage Variety. This artsy edgy vintage shop lended itself quite easily to a Mad Tea blend. And while it is easy to say that all I did was mix a little bit of everything, whether your mixing tea or paints or liquors - simply adding a little bit of everything is not a easy as it sounds.

Vintage VarieTEA is a mix of 2 types of tea (White and Black), plus Rooibos, 2 types of roots, 2 flowers petals and 3 dried fruits -- it is by far my most experimental blend ever.

Having had this blend samples by over 50 people in its short time of existence, I am more than pleased to say that the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. The taste of the blend is fruity and sweet without being predominately so. The color brews up a beatiful reddish pink hue. And as one friend remarked of the aroma of the dry blend, that it"smells oddly enough just like a vintage store". While that comment could sound less than complimentary, it was indeed meant as a statement of excitement that the blend truly matched the inspiration in every way.

Vintage VarieTEA is available for purchase at Vintage Variety in Atlantic Highlands, NJ.

As for the party, I would like to thank all those who helped to make it happen, and all those who came to be a part of this CommuniTEA.

I sensed a real need for social outlet, a way for people to take little journey in their day to experience something different, to try something new, to meet fresh faces, to hear some live do something fun and random....and the Mad, Mad Tea Party is certainly all those things.

I'd especially like to thank Mr. Ron Santee for lending his musical talents to the party, for setting a fun, relaxed atmosphere. I look forward to working with more musicians and varied styles of music for future parties. Music and Tea just kinda go together....

The Mad, Mad Tea Party has been asked to return to Vintage Variety next month!

::Happy Dance!::

So I will keep you all posted. Next month will feature the cool side of tea as we delve into the hot summery months on the shore and brew up some crazy-blended iced tea...

Pictures of the Mad, Mad Tea Party
can be found here: Mad, Mad Tea Pix!

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