May 27, 2009

All in the Family...

Not too long ago, my sister stayed with me for a few weeks. As you cannot enter my kitchen without acknowledging the overt presence of tea, it didn't take long before curiosity took over.

She had decided she would try her hand at blending some herbs. I came home and she asked me to sample her new blend. I was delighted that she has taken a recent interest in my teas, as I do not come from a tea/herb drinking family. I never push what I do on my friends and family. So for her to decide to give it a whirl I couldn't have been happier. The blend she created, Slow Ride, was a relaxing blend with a hint of spice to it. Steep 4-5minutes.

I thought I would share this with my readers, as a reminder to never be afraid to try your hand at blending.

Slow Ride
White Tea
Ginger Root


alexis said...

this blend sounds lovely, as I am a fan of ginger root. how lovely to have your sister take part in the art of blending!

p.s. thanks for sharing your personaliteas blending service via your comment on my blog!

Mathyld / encore petite said...

So sweet !
I used to be the one who didn't drink tea in the family. My mum & bro are hooked since as long as I can remember ...
I discovered tea 6 years ago !
And now, I'm so glad to share this with them.

Tea has a very special "energy" that brings people together. That connects them :)

Hope you're fine,
x x x