June 01, 2009

New Blend: Morning Dawn

One of the great things about being a custom tea blender is, that if your friends happen to like tea (albeit most of my friends didn't realize how much they liked tea until they met me....), that I can always whip up the perfect gift.

Well...we hope for perfection...actually blending for friends & family always carries with it a subtle layer of pressure...but really, what blend that I send out doesn't make me tingle with nervous excitement, hoping that the blend does in fact match the sipper.

But I digress.....

Such was my opportunity to blend a friend a tea for her birthday. No doubt that I will be blending her more for all she has done for the Mad Mad Tea Party and beyond....

Morning Dawn is a bright and fruit-forward tea. A good morning starter with a touch of sweetness. A very unassuming tea, not overly bold, but full of flavor -- strangely reflective of the bright, happy aura that is the goodness and sweetness of my friend Dawn.

(Happy Birthday!)

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