September 06, 2008

Summer's Over, Time for Tea

After a long hot summer, the rain is here and around the magic kitchen, that means one thing: time for tea! In fact, Hurricane Hannah is doing her part to water my garden as I type this...

It's been a great summer of beaches and hikes and lots of iced tea. Talking of which...

I'd like to thank Liz Brenna of Ben & Jerry's for contacting me about my blog about TeaZers. Sure, I know that the "serious tea drinker" probably had a good chuckle at my B&J's Iced Tea post, but it is a rare opportunity to meld my favorite things and make them relevent on this blog. While I have yet to try one of these concoctions, she emailed me and had this to say:

..."What a cool blog! I drink a ton of green tea everyday, and am a tea lover myself. I love your angle on tea and eliminating its "stuffy" rap.

The scoop on TeaZers: Made with white tea, ginger, & hibiscus, TeaZers come in two ways; Iced or blended. The blended version is made on the rocks with lemonade and Mango Mango sorbet. They are available in participating scoop shops and are really yummy. I

f you'd like to know anything else, let me know. :)
In the meantime, keep up all the good work on your blog!!

Best, Liz"

Some other things you might notice is that Mad Pots of Tea now has it's own logo! A big thank you to the bottom of my pot to Annette White. (as I learn more about coding around the rigid Blogger templates, there will continue to be small cosmetic changes...) This is just one of many graphic design accessories that have been created for Madam Potts and her Mad Pots of Tea!

Good things really are beginning to brew and I am one step closer to creating a fuller and more functional website where sippers can meet up with other sippers and create their own PersonaliTEAs!

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Petite Ace of Spades said...

Yay !!! I'm loving the new logo : it's just perfect for the blog !
A classy teapot with an edge + a zest of fun ;)
x x x