August 03, 2008

Vermont's Finest Tea!

Nothing makes me happier than a warm pot of tea....
Unless, of course, you're talking about a cold pint of
Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream.
Yes, long before I became a mad tea blender, I was dubbed the Ben & Jerry's connoisseur. There isn't a flavor I haven't tried, in all its many forms, and there is no wrong time for Vermont's Finest. I can talk at length about the experimental flavors (and bemoan flavors lost) and have much respect for the charitable altruism of this company. The madness I have for this particular brand of ice cream has been a life long madness. Why, it was only a few years ago, I trekked 8 hours (each way) on an Amtrak train, and walked a mile down the highway just to take a factory tour..... (not owning a car was not deterrent strong enough to keep me from my quest!)

So when I read that Ben & Jerry's will be coming out with their own RTD iced tea flavors called TeaZers, I was overjoyed -- my favorite company is dipping their toe into the iced tea market-pool!!!!

According to the press release, the Ben & Jerry's Scoop Shops threw a National Tea Party (appropriately in honor of my birthday) on July 29th. I only wish I had read this in time, so as to have searched out a Scoop Shop (as there is none close by me). And as it stands, I have no information as to if/when their new iced delight will be available in local stores and there was no information on their website outside of the press release under the News section.

The only TeaZer flavor mentioned is a white tea, ginger, hibiscus blend (yum!), but am not sure what the name of it is. I am hoping that they continue the trademark tradtion of whimsical names for their flavor concoctions.

Having suggested ice cream flavors to B&J's in the past, it would be my ultimate dream to create a mad iced tea blend for them! So, Ben...Jerry....if you're reading this, Madam Potts would like to speak with you over a cold pot of Teazers when you have a moment.

***If you are fortunate enough to live near a scoop shop, walk on in and order an iced tea -- I will gladly post anyone's review of this product!***

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Tea Escapade said...

Very interesting. I cannot wait to see your review the first time you taste one of the Ben and Jerry tea blends. I have yet to find an iced tea I love except those I make at home - right now my favorite is Iced Honeybush Vanilla.

Keep me posted!