September 08, 2008

New Form is Here

So many of my readers know that the one thing I love to do is to create mad blends of tea! Specifically I like to create blends of tea as inspired by an individual's personality. For some time now, I have had a link to the customization form (see right hand side of blog), but as of this week I am pleased and delighted to show off the new and updated PersonaliTEA Form. The new form has all the instructions and pricing, and some new questions and makes me want to blend just reading it!

I recently fulfilled another order and hope to have a review on that soon for my readers.

So, what WOULD you taste like if you were a TEA?

cUriOUs TeA drINKers shOuLd cLIcK HeRE!

1 comment:

Tea Escapade said...

Good question! I too wonder what I would taste like if I were tea.