July 07, 2008

Live and In Person

First I broke my silence with a radio interview with SIREN FM out of England (see April 2008). The mad recluse of tea, that few have ever met, was asked to give a talk on "Herbs, Teas and Wellness" last week at a Health & Wellness Center in Atlantic Highlands, NJ - and what delicious fun it was!!!

It was a real treat to open up the world of tea to people who were intent on learning more. We covered the basics of what is tea and the comparisons of white, green and black. We talked about steeping and relative health benefits (please: drink tea for its taste first and for its benefits second). I then introduced 3 different herbs, all of which are commonly used for relaxing the mind & body: lemongrass, oatstraw and lavender. I then brewed a blend of the 3 herbs together. Everyone sat relaxing, sharing and talking - the class also included a tasting!

I had the wonderful opportunity to share my philosophy that tea is fun.

and a fun time was had by all....

I look forward to teaching more tea classes in the future!

Keepin it Mad....

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Tea Escapade said...

How wonderful! It is nice to be able to share with other who are interesting in learning more about what you love.

Keep spreading the word!