July 03, 2008

Spotlight: Golden Moon Tea

Recently, I was sent a sampler of oolongs from the Golden Moon Tea Company. I love my oolong teas and I had yet to try this company. I received 3 types of tea to sample. And here's where the review gets difficult to write...

You see, this "sampler" I received had literally 1 teaspoon's worth of tea per packet. So, as a reviewer, I could not try brewing the leaves in a variety of ways. I could not go back and compare my own tasting notes. Not to say I couldn't taste the tea and have an opinion...it just isn't a well-formed and tested opinion.

So while the 'one and done' cup's worth isn't ideal to use for reviewing purposes, it IS great for variety! To that, the Golden Moon sells a 31-Flavor Vareity pack, which could be a lot of fun if you want a new tea every day for a month!...Do check it out!

I did however want to share my Golden Moon Tea experience, such as it was. I invite my readers who have tried this tea to ring in with their personal opinions and experiences, so do feel free to comment away. So without any further ado, such was my short-lived tasting of GMTeas:

Imperial Formosa Oolong - The colorful amber liquor had woodsy nuances and subtle orange blossoms. I would have loved a second cup to really solidify my tasting experience.

Orchid Temple Oolong - this pale green tea was my favorite of the 3 I tried. The light floral notes were distinctly pleasant. I felt a sanctity in sipping this slowly. I might just have to buy this one. Well done, Golden Moon.

Coconut Pouchong - a unique tea no doubt, and a very delicate pale tea, it is. It smells good enough to eat. Personally, I felt it was best represented if infused for only 2 minutes. At 4 minutes, I felt the soft coconut taste was lost to a slight bitter endnote. I don't know if I brewed this correctly or not...
What is Pouchong (you asked)?
Pouchong is a very lightly oxidized tea somewhere between green tea and what is usually considered oolong tea, though often classified with the latter due to its lack of the sharper green tea flavours. It is produced mainly in Fujian, China, and in Pinglin Township nearTaipei, Taiwan.
Reference: Pouchong: Wikipedia
So, that being said, I encourage my readers who purchase loose tea regularly and to really get to KNOW the teas they have. Drink it a few times. Change up your brewing method to find the one that works best. Sip it during different times of the day. Sip it in different moods. Explore and experiment with your steeping times. Fall madly in love with your teas if you can. and above all, Keep Sipping!

Sipping like Mad,


Tea Escapade said...

I've tasted and reviewed the Orchid Temple Oolong and the Coconut Pouchong as well as the Sugar Caramel Oolong by Golden Moon Tea.

I must say my favorite hands-down was teh Coconut Pouchong. I brewed on the longer end of the recommeded brewing time and found the coconut flavor to be amazing yet still light. The smell was amazing. I must agree that the Orchid Temple Oolong was distinctly pleasant, but came in a close second to the Coconut Pouchong.

Mad Crazy for Tea.... said...

thank you for some further feedback on GMT - different views on the same tea make for fun discourse...and I encourage other readers to ring in with their comments too!!!