June 04, 2008

A PersonaliTEA review: Meliciously Sweet

I had created a special blend of tea for a 20-year old self-proclaimed "tea fanatic" over in England, as part of a live interview segment that I did with Siren FM radio, which is based in the UK.

This deliciously fun and flirty blend is every bit as youthful as the girl for whom I made it and I had a blast creating it. Some of the clues from the personaliTEA form included: Britney Spears, pink, spicy, fruity, and bright.

As it happens, I recently sent out a sample of this blend as part of the Tea Swap that I orchestrated. Little did I think that I would end up getting what is now my first review!

Seeing as I make these blends for specific people, I never worry if anyone else likes them. Actually, most of my teas will no doubt only be tasted by the person who ordered them -- unless of course they share their blend with anyone....

Meliciously Sweet

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