June 10, 2008

No Tea For YOU!

Sure, it looks innocent enough....a traditional Victorian style English Tea Room in Brighton, UK -- but make no mistake...the Tea Cozy is adamant about good tea etiquette. In fact, if you can't have good table manners, you will be shown the door!

Among the offensive behaviors that will get you thrown out:
- Using your cell phone (hooray for that one...)
- Blaspheming the Queen and..
- the uncouth practice of Dunking your Biscuit! (heavens, No!)

It's nice to know in these changing times, that SOMEONE cares about good manners.

No, really, I'm not making this up. Should you be less then congenial or show bad manners, including the aforementioned actions of utter incivility, you will be promptly shown the exit.

Read more: Dunking Biscuits Banned!!!

I do hope one of my readers can stop by and share a review of what I am sure is a lovely and very proper tea room. It will be my pleasure to stop by when I visit the UK next Fall.


Petite Ace of Spades said...

Oh my !
I so so SO love Brighton !!!
I go to the UK up to 5 times a year, so the 1st one to go there, can review the place *winkwink*
x x x
___m___ (aka Petite Ace of Spades)

Mad Crazy for Tea.... said...

yes! If you write a review I will publish it...

Tea Escapade said...

Imagine that! I wish I lived close enough to visit this amazing tea room.

Can't wait for one of your readers to visit and review.

Anonymous said...

Is this the former Mock Turtle Tea Room? It looks familiar ....

Mad Crazy for Tea.... said...

Denise -- if it IS the Mock Turtle, have you been there and/or any chance you are going again? I would love to find out...