May 29, 2008

Tea Madness: The Cult of the Tea Pot

Now, I have met a lot of tea enthusiasts, tea fanatics and tea freaks in my day. People everywhere, myself included, indeed mad about tea. The religious like devotion to the Camellia Sinensis is no surprise to anyone reading this blog. But what about a revering a Tea Pot?

and not just any Tea Pot - a 2-story cream colored teapot from which the devoted followers come to drink its "holy water".

A religious sect in Malaysia, Ayah Pin, uses the tea pot as as a symbol of the "Healing Purity of Water" and "Love Pouring From Heaven". While the sect claims to promote harmony among the religions of the world, it has the victim of attacks from fervent Muslims which feel the sect is luring believers away from Islam.

Hmmmm....I wonder if I could be a High Prophetess of the Tea Pot?

I had best not let my teapots read this entry, lest they let the sacred ideology go to their heads...not that I don't already revere the sweet and holy waters of tea...not that I am not a devout imbiber seeking to quench my thrist and start my day off with a sacred ritual all my own...

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