June 21, 2008


Just to make sure I keep you all reading I thought I would entice you with a blog-vertisement -- that is to say a little advertisment of what's "Coming Soon to a Blog Near You!"

Why would I do that? Because it's midnight on Saturday and I know I haven't written. I've been traveling as of late and next week I start a new job, so be patient because here's what's up...

* Mad Pots Around the World: Tea - the global friend maker

* Tea & Health: sure it tastes good, but can tea help you overcome obesity?

* a review from Golden Moon Tea (I am especially looking forward to writing this one!)

* Madam Potts Goes Home: Who woulda thunk my cow-town would warm up to tea....

So, as you can see, there is a lot to be said...just not at midnight on Saturday.

Keep it Mad!

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