June 25, 2008

The $500 Iced Tea

Celestial Seasonings is holding a contest for the Best-Ever Iced Tea Contest.

The rules are simple:
#1: Create an iced tea concoction using
Celestial Seasonings Teas
#2: Submit it by July 31st

Not a bad bargain....buy some teas (hey bags are more convenient anyway for the summer which can be a lot of "on-the-go").... Have fun creating something fun. Hope to win 500 smackaroos.

For more info about the (literary) inspiration for this contest and details about What You Win, visit: THE BIG ICED TEA CONTEST

Winners will be notified in August.

I may have a crack at it for the fun of it and keep a running account of my Iced Tea Adventures! I certainly encourage my readers to join the fun and not only to submit their concoctions to the good people @ Celestial Seasonings, but to also send your receipes my way and I will create a list of Reader's Iced Concoctions. There you are....

Let the Summer Iced Madness Begin!

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