November 15, 2007

Good Enough for Body & Soul

In the December issue of Body & Soul Magazine, the magazine dedicated to dispensing ideas for living for the modern-eco-holistic urbanite, they talk about 3 teas to help you through the holiday season. If you can get past the glossed over, over-simplified, bite-sized reporting, you'll see that this magazine does a lot to spark people's interest to learn more about the world of health and wellness. Just enough info to spark some interest - and - with the dawn of the Internet, there is no good reason not to do research on something that might interest you.

Wonder Teas

"The ultimate season for tea lovers, winter deepens the pleasure of a favorite brew. But those black, green and herbal standbys aren't the only teas that delight the senses while comforting the body and mind. A crop of lesser-known formulas tulsi, yerba mate, and pu-erh - harbor a number of properties that can stave off the worst of the season's health problems. For lowering stress, boosting immunity and energy, and easing overindulgence, put the kettle on -- and keep reading.

After shuddering at the use of the word "formula" I Googled Tulsi. It has a lot of religious significance, which they do mention in the article, as well as a vast medical uses. I have never tried this herb before, but just may have to!

Come back in a few weeks and I will be sure to have a post on Tulsi!


Anonymous said...

Hi, can you post the link for this article? I'm doing a speech on how tea is good for the body and soul.

Custom Tea Creator said...

I am honored that you would like to use my blog. Please contact me at (click the Tea Pot logo!) and tell me more about yourself and the speech you are giving. Thanks! -- Madam Potts