July 07, 2007

An ideal communiTEA...

Here I am, now in Ithaca, NY -- this place is idealism in practice...meaning the people and businesses are mindful about what they do and how it impacts the earth AND the community.

"What if we recycled everything and cut down on garbage?"
"What if if supported local farmers"....
"What if we ran the gorcery store or the credit union or the movie house as a not-for-profit, how could we serve the interests of our customers instead of our own pockets?" ...

So far I am loving everything....except for the fact that the tea house I had found a year or so ago is no longer here. Looks like there is an empty niche to fill....this could be a job for Madam Potts.

What if I could use my tea knowledge in a way to help others meet their personal needs?

What if I could use local herbs to make fresh pots of herbal infusions?

How can I use what I have to offer to help my communiTEA?

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Mary R said...

I read your post and could literally not see through the thick smog of green jealousy.


It sounds fantastic, and the idea of using local resources to make herbal teas (and possibly a teahouse?) sounds great indeed.