June 27, 2007

Some times it happens that after brewing a cuppa tea (especially tisanes, as the leaves tend to be more chopped up) that the sipper is left with leaves set asail in their cup. It is, after all loose tea, so this shouldn't be unheard of...dried leaves are fragile - they break. It indeed happens.

I've had on more than one occasion, someone turn their nose up, even if only slightly, at the sight of the floating foliage, to which I would jokingly respond, "Leaves in your cup are Good Luck, and it there are any left at the end, I'll read your Fortune."

While that would impart a smile, easing the initial repugnant reaction to drifting bits of greenery, it didn't impart a fuller understanding of how to embrace this occasional occurrence.

So last night, as a friend and I were sipping some relaxing herbal infusions, I saw his hesitation, he questioned aloud about what he should do with the floating leaves...to which this quotable bit of advice came ushering forth without thinking (as oft my best thoughts do....).

"Herbs around the rim of your cup should be embraced like salt around your margarita."

Ans so with that....I leave you to enjoy....

Happy Sipping!

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Anonymous said...

Hey, I will have to visit this tea leave reader sometime as well:-)