June 25, 2007

What to do with Sweet Tea

I do not like heavily fruity teas.

Be it a flavored black (passion fruit ceylon) or a fruit based tisane (berry papaya mango).

My tongue recoils in horror at the taste (or thought) of what is essentially "hot fruit".

A person could easily question, why then would you keep such repellent teas on your shelf?

Call it upbringing, habit, or just a tea lover's compassion...but something prohibits me from ditching otherwise perfectly usable tea....I always figure there must be SOMEthing I can do with this...

So I have found that the sweeter teas make for teasingly good iced teas!
(sorry, couldn't resist!)

Brew Double Strength tea,
add to larger shaker full of ice.

Shaker? ...you ask...

Yes, like a martini shaker or tupperware - anything with a lid, really...

The shaking helps cool the tea faster than just pouring into a pitcher full of ice,
especially if you want it right away.

10-15 shakes and you've got iced tea!

....see? And you were just going to throw it away!

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