June 19, 2007

Read any good leaves, lately?


Walking through the West Village with a friend of mine...I'd taken the day off work. So far we had a long tasty pancake breakfast, checked out some galleries, drank lots of wine...
and then, I spotted a sign.
Among the offerings listed, palm, tarot, crystal ball --
the sign read
"tea leaf readings"

So I walked down the small flight of steps to the gypsy's subterranean dwelling...

Now, I thought that all tea leaf readings meant that you drank a cup of tea, and then inverted the cup afterwards and from there they peer to the bottom as they divine from the placement of the leaves. Apparently, that is traditionally done with Turkish Coffee, not tea. The woman put some green tea leaves in a cup and asked me to stir the leaves (which she had me do 3 separate times). When I inquired, she assured me that this was the authentic Romanian way of tea leaf divination. You can imagine there was a slight moment of disappointment to find that I would not also happen to be getting a cup of tea for the price of admission....

I stirred the leaves with the spoon. I sat there skeptically (and thirstily). She mentioned some open ended things, covering all bases, like "I see you are going to travel soon", and "this is a good thing", and "you are with the one you love "....she nailed some obvious things, such as I'm Leo, a natural born leader.....some other such usual generalities granted to zodiac.

However, she did have 2 predictions, both of which came to happen within 48 hours. While I'm not a liberty to get into the gritty details, they were things I wasn't expecting and they came from a different place than I thought they would when I first heard her utter the predictions.

That's it....I'm a believer!

The truth is in the leaves....

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Mary R said...

How very interesting. I'd never heard of this method of tasseomancy. I'd assumed that nearly all readers did the whole "drink and invert" bit. Still, can't argue with results! :)

I wonder if I could find anyone out in my neck of the woods who reads leaves?