May 31, 2007

Revisiting: Lapsang

Ever since I was introduced to Lapsang Souchong, I've been intrigued by its unique smoky quality. Many people are put off by this rather pungent and odoriferous tea....I, however, am strangely attracted to it.

It reminds me of camp fires. And seeing as I grew up going camping every summer, that brews up a tremendous sense memory.

I tried blending it once, to no notable outcome. Then for awhile, I was under the impression that I no longer liked it. Suddenly, it's what I'm drinking every morning (all Gongfu-stylee). Maybe because all I really want to do is be outside, romping in the woods. I would love the chance to drink a pot of Lapsang WHILE actually sitting in the forest.

Yeah, I'm subtle like that...


Aj said...

Lapsang tastes like campfire bacon. Ah, campfire breakfast and Lapsang...I suspect you could pull it off in Ithaca!



poofsizzle said...

Oh, I so agree. Though I have to keep mine tightly sealed otherwise I find that it makes everything smell... I included some in my tea-swap package.